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Specialist Private Guides

For travellers with a passion for a particular aspect of the bush, going on safari with an expert specialist guide may be the ultimate experience. Specialist guides are available in fields ranging from photography, astronomy, and ornithology to botany, palaeontology, and anthropology. They are recognised authorities in their fields, and a safari with one of them is a truly special experience. Imagine a one-on-one workshop with a renowned wildlife photographer, or observing leopards with the man who was responsible for some of the most important insights into their behaviour.

Your specialist guide can accompany you throughout your trip, or can join you for a particular sector where his or her expertise is particularly relevant. He or she will work closely with the resident camp guides to ensure that you benefit from years of local knowledge as well as their own expertise - the best of all possible worlds.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about going on safari with a specialist private guide.