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Safari Accommodation - Villas

The spacious living room at Phinda Zuka Lodge, Phinda Reserve, South Africa offers guests all the comforts of home.
© CC Africa larger image
Staying in your own private safari lodge or camp, once the exclusive domain of the very rich, is now a real possibility even if you're not Richard Branson or Bill Gates. If you are travelling with family or friends, you may want to consider one of the safari villas springing up across Southern Africa which offer small groups of 4-8 people an exclusive home in the bush.

Safari villas can be found in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. They are often associated with an existing lodge or camp, but offer greater luxury and features not found in normal camps and lodges. Staying at a villa will give you ultimate privacy, as well as much more flexibility since you are the only guests. Villas normally include a private chef and domestic staff as well as a private guide and vehicle, so you can tailor-make your daily schedule to suit your needs.

Bedroom in villas like Phinda Getty Lodge, Phinda Reserve, South Africa are much larger than rooms in normal lodges.
© CC Africa larger image
If you want to take your family on safari but have been frustrated by age-related restrictions on activities and accommodation, booking a safari villa often gives you some leeway on minimum ages. The greater flexibility of a villa can be particularly helpful for families with younger children, who may prefer a series of shorter activities to the normal 3-4 hour game drives.

Families and groups may also want to consider booking out an entire camp or lodge - some camps have as few as three or four rooms, so this is a possibility for even relatively small groups. In addition to providing a private safari experience, this may also provide the added flexibility of multiple vehicles and guides.

Lounge chairs glow in the setting sun beside the villa's private pool at Phinda Zuka Lodge, Phinda Reserve, South Africa.
© CC Africa larger image
Like a safari villa, an exclusive booking also gives you a bit of leeway on minimum ages, as many camps which do not accept younger children will do so if the entire camp is booked out for your group.

Alternatively, larger camps often have a sub-section designed so it can be blocked off to create a private safari experience. While not quite as flexible as a villa, this will give you a much wider range of locations to choose from, and should ensure that you have your own vehicle and guide.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about safari villas and booking camps for your exclusive use.